What Heat Does to the Human Body

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Euthermia; that is, the ideal body temperature, sits ideally between 36.5 and 37.5°C with a literal difference being made by just a single degree. The human body is far more sensitive to heat than we realise, and as such, has an … Continued

The Benefits of Using Fans over AC Units

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Air conditioning units are a popular choice for cooling solutions at homes and in workplaces. This is because they are an incredibly effective choice. However, as well as they work, their overall benefits are dubious in the face of those … Continued

What are the advantages of evaporative coolers?

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What are the advantages of evaporative coolers? Cost-effective maintenance and installations – The ease of an evaporative cooler when compared to an air conditioner also results to a cheaper installation and maintenance cost. Evaporative coolers do not have compressors and … Continued

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