Choosing the right industrial fan for your needs

Poor air quality in an industrial facility affects employees’ productivity and customer’s comfort. Even if you have an HVAC system, it might not provide sufficient airflow. An industrial fan can make a significant difference to your facility.

It can be tricky to decide which industrial fan is best for your space. Let’s break the different types of industrial fans down so you have a better idea of which one would be most suitable for your needs.

Industrial floor fans

Free-standing industrial fans can be plugged into a standard outlet and are easy to move around, allowing airflow dispersement where necessary. These industrial fans are popular as they can move large volumes of air quickly, require no installation and are mobile. The larger units can, however, take up a lot of floor space and make a lot of noise in quite areas, which could possibly be distracting workers.

Industrial pedestal fans

Pedestal fans have a large and heavy base to keep them sturdy. The height and direction of these industrial fans is adjustable and the built-in oscillating feature helps disperse cool air throughout the space. The pedestal fan comes in various sizes to move various volumes of air, they are also mobile and can be plugged into a standard outlet. The only downside is that the larger units take up a lot of floor space and tend to be noisy in quite environments.

Industrial wall mounted fans

Wall mounted industrial fans are exactly the same as the industrial pedestal fans, the only difference being that they are mounted onto a wall to free up ground space. They also come various sizes to move different volumes of air and the oscillating function allow for better dispersement or air and ventilation. The wall mounted units are however not mobile and the directions a positioning of fans cannot be easily changed once installed.

Axial fans

Axial fans create air pressure to move air through an area at a much faster rate. These industrial fans and can be installed/positioned to draw or push air through a more concentrated spot. Axial fans can also be supplied in a portable format allowing you the flexibility to move the fan around, for use where ever required.

Extraction fans

Extraction fan also known as “exhaust” or “plated axial” fans, are designed to move very large volumes of air. These industrial fans are very effective in extracting hot air from computer rooms, warehouses, greenhouses and factories and are the most popular fan used in industrial workspaces. Available in various sizes, these fans do require installation by a professional technician.

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