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The History Of Fans

Air cooling has always been something which humans have needed, especially on those hot summer days.

At around three thousand BC the first handheld fan of its kind is thought to have been created.

According to this data, the Greeks, Etruscans and Romans were the first to adopt this air cooling technique.

Early folding fans were imported, as well as copied, in Europe and were made and used solely by the upper echelon of society.

Therefore fans were seen as something of a status symbol.

Made by hand, the skeleton of the fan was often made by either ivory, tortoiseshell or mother of pearl, and decorated with gold, silver or precious stones just to name a few.

Another handheld fan, the Flabella, was used during the sixth century as a device for a public workshop.

The pien-mien was the popular choice of fan used in China and the folding fan made popular in Japan.

The pien-mien was exported into Japan from China, due to the massive Chinese cultural influence in the area at the time.

However, the Japanese folding fan was also imported by the Chinese, meaning that as the technology was advancing, there was no real need for a sole fan device.

Islamic fan influences can also be found in Europe as this period saw a lot of conquest by Europe.

During the Seventeenth century fixed fans and folding fans were becoming the favoured types of fans to use in Europe.

As time went on the folding fans were beginning to evolve and more innovation and styles were being made towards them.

Fixed fans, typically with feathers attached, at the turn of the century were used at a higher volume than folding fans.

However, as the century went forward, we see the rise in popularity of folding fans and eventually became the main fan to use.

As the Eighteenth rolled in, the rise of the use of folding fans become more predominant.

Not only were they used more often, but they were also manufactured at a large scale, with imports from manufacturers by the East India Company in the Netherlands, France and in England.

After the invention of the printed fan, the manufacturing costs decreased and therefore the price of fans decreased.

What this meant for the greater social society is that it was now easy to gain access to fans from the general public, making fan use much more common.

The fan faces became something of canvas as many illustrations, such as biblical depictions, were displayed on fans.

In the Nineteenth century, printed kopa cernos gel testogel med sverige frakt fans were now a usually and easily found commodity to the masses.

The brisé fan was starting to gain back its demand due to the fact that printed fans were so commonly found.

As mentioned before fans become something of artwork and during the later stages of the century, artists would design specific art for fans, signing them as well.

Paris became the hub for finding top-notch fans who would usually be bought by the upper class of the time.

Twentieth-century fans were used to actually market and advertise different trends of the time.

Most importantly, the trends of the art styles of the time, such as Art Nouveau and Art Deco, were what fans were being created under.

An example of the time is that although feather based fans were something of the past, they were still a fashionable choice, and can still be seen during performances in Las Vegas.

As we find ourselves in the Twenty-First century, handheld fans are something of a novelty and are not really something which is seen as holding any social currency.

These accessories are still used in celebratory fashion such as during Chinese New Year or during royal weddings.

Industrial fans are much more commonly found in households and workspaces, and the use of electricity has made it much more convenient as there is no need for manpower to cool the air down.

The aesthetic feature of fans has been removed however the function of the fan has improved wholeheartedly.

A company such as AF Fans has been providing fans for convenience and work use for a number of years.

With their supply of centrifugal fan & blowers as well as in-line fans as an option, AF Fans is focused on providing high-quality fans for your household and business needs.

The Benefits Of Industrial Fans

Fans are not just air cooling systems, which we discussed above, they do actually serve a much more important function.

Centrifugal fans & blowers help in ventilating the workspace, which means that the proper amount of airflow is being distributed in the area.

Having low oxygen levels and low airflow can have a lot of negative health problems and lead to things such as brain problems.

Among this, odours in spaces can make it very uncomfortable for staff and customers to want to stay in the office space.

Industrial ventilation suppliers such as AF Fans want to ensure that your space is properly ventilated so that your respiration is as comfortable as possible.

In factories, the need for airflow, which may contain gas in the air, is vital as it is not only about keeping things going but not allowing chemicals in the air from settling.

These chemicals may, in fact, be dangerous if it remains in a confined space for too long.

This means that not only could your staff be severely affected, but also if food is the product, the food may be contaminated, which could affect even more people.

Industrial fans are also important in that they are able to cool down a specific area or machine which is being used at high temperatures, which stagnates the area, leaving no real breathable air.

Cooking spaces, gyms, greenhouses, toilets, the list can go on and on where these industrial fans are used to increase the air as well as decrease heat and moisture and remove odours.

AF Fans are fan suppliers, and also provide fan instillations, for their clients.

With a wide range of different types and sizes of industrial fans available to their customers, AF Fans wants to provide you with the best quality fans that serve your business space in the most advantageous way.

Industrial fan suppliers such as AF Fans are not concerned about trying to get as much out of your pocket as possible. They are focused more on helping in improving the ventilation and efficiency of your business

Types Of Industrial Fans

Freestanding Fans

Freestanding fans are easy to use and easy to move fans which can be placed anywhere in a factory or office setting, which will help to increase airflow and cool down the area if need be.

These types of fans will most definitely be found more commonly in an office workspace as the congestion in the space can lead to a lack of air circulation which can also lead to lower productivity levels.


Pedestal And Wall Mounted Fans

AF Fans also provide pedestal & wall fans which can be placed in strategic places in a work area so that the air circulation is ventilating the entire office and not just a few bubbles.

Potentially harmful gases and sometimes odours are also removed and extracted out of the building.

Axial Fans And Blowers

Axial fans and blowers use support braces or could use flanges in order to be safely secured.

These in-line fans are used specifically for factory ventilation as it helps in effectively and quickly removing potentially substances that are in the air.

AF Fans are dedicated to giving you high-quality fans in the type of in-line fans to ensure the safety of your employees and consumers.

Industrial fans are an essential part of keeping your business flowing in the right direction. Without proper ventilation, your staff will start to decrease in productivity and morale which hurts your business.

If your business is a gym, the likelihood of clients and staff not wanting to come in is very high, as the odours and heat in the gymnasium will put anyone off.

The Health Concerns When There Is Improper Ventilation

We have touched on there being health issues which could occur when there is little ventilation.

However, what can actually happen when there is improper airflow?

Your vital organs can be badly affected if there is not enough, or not proper oxygen, being filtered into the body.

Eczema is a condition where the skin begins to flake or patchiness starts to arise.

A more severe issue can occur which is nervous system damage,  where your body’s nerves system begins to affect your blood flow, spinal cord and can even lead to mental health problems.

The final and most dangerous disease that can develop is cancer. Poor ventilation can cause a number of types of cancer, most notably lung cancer.

What To Look For In A Supplier

Commitment to Quality

A supplier who is obsessed with finding the best quality products for your business is a good supplier to have.

The thing is that a lot of suppliers may focus more on the pricing of their products over the quality of them.

Yes, suppliers are a business and want to make a profit, however, if they are focused on finding the product which best suits your needs, is top-notch in quality, and won’t break your bank, then you’re choosing well.

AF Fans are more than just fan suppliers, they are also industrial ventilation suppliers, and do installations for your business so that you can get the air circulation you need.

Another product they supply is industrial extractor fans.

Mutual Cooperation

Working hand in hand with a supplier means that you will be able to explain to them your budget, workspace needs, and your vision.

Purchasing industrial fans which will work best for your business is way more effective than just purchasing any fan.

AF Fans being suppliers and installers, know what the right fit will be for you. They want to work with you so that they can improve your ventilation to the best of their abilities, while also not hurting your wallet, or providing fans which deteriorate quickly.

Win-Win Opportunities

A company which is willing to put themselves in a position to do work for the benefit of your business is a reliable supplier.

If you’re able to work with your supplier, to find the best products for you, and the supplier is willing to either manufacture it, if they do manufacturing or import it then you have chosen a good supplier.

AF Fans, fan suppliers, are always looking to find new and improved, innovative, technology which will better ventilate your factory or office space.


Timely Supply of Parts

Last but not least is timely supply parts.

Getting your products at the right time sounds easy enough. Especially if you’re working with the right supplier.

Unfortunately finding the right supplier can be more difficult than you think.

Suppliers might supply you with a product, but it may be of a low quality, which means that it will break sooner rather than later and will need to be replaced

Other suppliers may charge a lot of money for specific products and this will affect the money that you could be used for other parts of the business.

Worse than this is if the quality of the product is low and the price is high.

AF Fans are motivated to getting you the best fans, at the best price and which will last long.

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