The Importance of Indoor Air Quality Control in Industrial Settings

In every industrial setting there is a concern for control over indoor air quality. High levels of contaminants in the air can lead to a number of complications for anybody who frequents the area, as well as for the facility and the business themselves.

If you haven’t enacted strict control over the quality of the indoor air in your facility, here are a number of reasons why investing in a filter system is something you really ought to do.

Improve Personnel Health

Contaminants found in low quality air contain a number of risks to human health, particularly for those who spend most of their time in such a setting.

Contaminants may include allergens and pathogens which can lead to an array of health problems for your employees, leading to high rates of absenteeism and lowered productivity.

Indoor Air Quality and Staff Performance

Indoor air quality has also been found to be essential to your workforce’s ability to perform. High concentrations in the air have been shown to fractionally impact performance, robbing your employees of the energy they need to stay consistently productive.

Improving indoor air quality through the use of filter systems has been shown to increase productivity by up to 10%.

Protecting the Facility

Low indoor air quality can also have a negative effect on the facility itself. Dust and moisture can, overtime, cause damage to equipment and the building itself, and it can do this in a relatively short time.

Clearing the air with a filter system will reduce the risk of damage from contaminants to your equipment and the facility.

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