The Dangers of Low Indoor Air Quality in an Industrial Setting

Indoor air quality is a measurement of the number of contaminants in the air inside of a structure.

In an industrial setting, where the potential for such contaminants is high, it is essential to enact the correct measures to keep air quality high using solutions such as industrial extractor fans that keep the air clear.

Here are some of the most prominent dangers associated with lowered air quality in such settings:

Increased Risk of Respiratory Disorders

When high numbers of contaminants are present in the air in any facility, there is a risk of contracting respiratory illnesses, particularly for those people who have a history of them already.

In an industrial setting, where dust, chemicals and other contaminants are more concentrated, the risk is much higher, and so there is more of a call for solutions that keep the air quality high, and contaminant numbers down.

Reduced Cognitive Performance

As carbon dioxide levels rise, people start to take an effect from it, whether they notice it or not. In the typical workplace, it is estimated that high levels of carbon dioxide can result in a drop of mental focus by up to 18%.

When this happens, people concentrate less, raising the chance of workplace accidents due to negligence. This can be avoided by ensuring that indoor air quality is kept at optimal levels with industrial extractor fans.

Increased Dangers in the Facility

For those industries that work with volatile, corrosive or toxic substances, there is much more of a need to manage the quality of the air in the facility.

These contaminants may articles sur exercice include fibres from combustible materials, irritants and other contaminants that can pose an immediate danger, not only to personnel, but also to equipment and the facility itself.

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