Tips for Cleaning Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans get bogged down eventually, and the more likely the room they are installed in is to have contaminants, the more quickly this can happen. Because of this, a dirty ventilation fan can contribute to higher counts of contaminants in your indoor air, substantially lowering its quality. They may become in operational, unsafe and inefficient as a result.

To keep your indoor air clear, it is wise to clean your ventilation fans at least once a year. In dirtier environments, it is even a good idea to do it more frequently. Fortunately cleaning is easy for ventilation fans. Let’s see how you can do it with these tips from fan suppliers in Johannesburg.

Making it Safe

Before you do anything, remember to first cut power to the fan using your circuit board. Ventilation fans are powered by electricity, and so should never be worked on while they are powered. Doing so may not only short the fan, but may shorten your life.

Removing the Grate

Stand on a sturdy platform so that you can safely reach the grate of the fan. You will need to remove it carefully, taking care not to damage anything. You may need a screwdriver to release the screws holding the grate in place. If you have a more modern grate, it can likely be removed without tools using its tension clips.

Dusting the Duct

Once the grate is removed, it is time to clear the duct of dust; and there will be a surprising amount of it. Consider using a vacuum cleaner or a duster to get the job done as thoroughly as possible. It is a good idea to lay something on the floor below the duct to catch anything that falls.

Replace the Grate

Once the dust is clear, all that is left for you to do is to replace the duct. Make sure that it is properly fastened with tension clips or screws so that it can be operated safely in the foreseeable future. Next, switch the circuit board to ensure that it has power again. Turn the extractor on and test to see if your efforts have made it work more effectively.

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