Cleaning Extractor Fans To Improve Their Performance

Extractor fans do an excellent job of removing unwanted contaminants from indoor air, essentially raising its quality by producing air that is clean and safe to breathe. Hygiene, odour removal and facilitating correct airflow are but a few of the important roles that extractor fans see to, which is why they need to be cleaned and maintained to ensure that they keep on doing the job right. Not sure how to do it? We’ll walk you through the how and the why.

The Importance of Regular Cleaning

Extractor fans remove a remarkable amount of contaminants from indoor air, and while most of these contaminants are taken outside, some of it may collect on the blades of the fan, and will begin to slowly but surely bog it down.

This could lead to a number of problems:

Firstly, the fan will begin to work less effectively, lessening the quality of your indoor air. Secondly, a bogged down fan will operate with much more noise than they should, and may become a nuisance as a result.

Furthermore, a contaminated fan could lead to the spread of allergens and pathogens in the air, raising the risk of those in the area contracting an infection.

Cleaning Extractor Fans is Simple

Residential extractor fans are actually fairly simple to clean, an can be done in a few steps.

Take the cover off and soak it in some soapy water. Now remove the blade and wipe it down. Using window cleaning fluid will get excellent results. With another clean, damp cloth, wipe away any debris that has built up over time. Find the motor and use ear-buds to gently remove any debris that has gathered there. Lastly, put the fan back together and ensure that it is properly fastened. And that’s it. You’re done.

Industrial Extractor Fans: You Might Need Assistance

Industrial extractor fans are quite a bit more complicated, will be far more bogged down than residential ones, and can actually pose a risk of injury or damage when you work on them. To avoid unnecessary accidents and downtime, it is best to have a professional take a look at them for you.

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The Better the Quality, the More You Get

The best way to ensure that your extractor fans keep serving you well, is to make sure that you source a high quality product from a trusted supplier. If you would like to get an extractor fan for your home, office or for any other reason, contact a representative from AF Fans today, or visit our website for further details.