Ventilation in the Workplace

Ventilation at work is covered under the Workplace Regulations act which mentions that workplaces need to be sufficiently ventilated in the correct manner by which clean air is extracted from an external source and circulated throughout the building. Whether by mechanical or natural means, it must dilute and remove humid air and deliver sufficient air movement in order to give a feeling of freshness.

The Correct Temperature

As well as proper ventilation, businesses need to also ensure that the workplace is maintained at an appropriate temperature. When it comes to temperature, it may provoke mixed reactions from staff members as some feel hotter or colder than others, but the general guidelines are that the workplace should be kept at 16°C. Where there is more physical exertion around a workplace, the temperature is needed to be around 13°C.

Operating in a Hot or Cold Environment

There are a number of jobs in which you will be required to work in temperatures above or below the recommended above. In order to comply with health and safety regulations, a business should carry out a risk assessment taking personal and environmental factors in account.

Personal factors may include the physical extent of the job, the length of continuous exposure to a specific environment and the type of clothing worn. On the other hand, environmental factors might include radiant heat, ambient temperature and if the job is performed outside. Things such as direct sunlight, wind and rain need to be considered.

Circumstances where these factors need to be considered might include working in cold centres, food preparation, etc. Adequate supplies will need to be inserted in order to eliminate the effects of working in extreme heat and cold. This can include installing fans, cooling systems and heaters.

We all agree that fresh air is important to humans. In a perfect world, we would be outside the whole day breathing in pure and clean air. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. It’s extremely important to have a well-ventilated room in the workplace, here’s why:

  • Air regulation – If you do not have a ventilation system installed, you have very little control of the airflow in the building.
  • Control impurities – you might think the air quality in the area you stay is not great, but it is often the case that the air inside the building is more polluted than outside. A ventilation system will assist in eliminating accumulation of bacteria and moisture.
  • Reduce temperatures – when many people are in a space, the environment becomes hot and clustered. Ventilated rooms will rapidly be more comfortable to be in.
  • Health benefits – Air pollution inside coupled with bad ventilation may lead to vaious health problems such as allergies, asthma and headaches. This can be avoided with the installation of ventilation systems.

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