Uses & Benefits of In-line Fans

In-line fans are remote fans combined in the duct work and usually placed either in the crawlspace or attic of a building. Because they are situated remotely, there is no noticeable noise within the space.

In-line fans are extremely versatile and offer multiple applications in homes. This kind of fan is ideal for exhausting areas where there is very little space for a ceiling fan. Other applications include substituting for dryer boosting, bathroom exhaust fans and radon mitigation. In designs where bathrooms connect, it may be more cost-effective to use an in-line fan with ducts connecting each room. In addition, larger homes with dryers must regularly be installed far away from the exterior vent outlets, this requires duct lengths that are over manufacturers recommendations – this compromises dryer efficiency and allows hazardous heat to build up. Most in-line fans are specifically designed to maintain a safe and efficient dryer operation. Lastly, vent lines that are placed below slabs for radon mitigation may need an in-line fan to exhaust radon gas.

These fans are also able to be used to circulate air inside a home to even out extreme temperatures. For example, an in-line fan may be used to move air through a long supply duct to provide even heat and cooling to a room that is uncomfortably warn or too cold compared to the rest of the house. In-line fans could also be used to blend air within a room or send air from one room to another.

In-line fans may either be single port, which means they exhaust from one area or a multi-port which means they exhaust from a few areas. Single port in-line fans are usually enough for residential homes. Multi-port fans allow one fan to deliver ventilation for more than one room.

These fans are designed for multiple-task ventilation. This means that tenants are able to ventilate more than one areas or rooms with only one fan. A central ventilation system may also be used to provide the whole house air quality to continuously remove contaminants and offer boosted ventilation on a need basis.

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