The Benefits of Using Fans over Air Conditioners

While air conditioners are excellent at keeping indoor living and working spaces cool, they are not exactly the ideal solution when looked at overall. They are costly to invest in, expensive to run and require regular maintenance in order to keep running to expectations. However, these are not the only cons associated with air conditioners. They bring certain health risks into your living areas as well since they circulate contaminated air. So, as the heat rises this summer, here are some excellent reasons to use a fan to stay cool instead of air-cons and HVAC systems.

The Overall Cost of Cooling

The most obvious benefit of fans over ACs is that they are quite a bit more affordable. ACs are incredibly expensive to purchase and install, and also require specialised skills to do it right. Besides this, they also cost a lot to keep running since they are fairly power intensive. Fans on the other hand use limited power to create airflow, and are also fairly affordable to purchase and simple to install. In most cases they are also portable, so they can be moved to any room where they are needed.

The Need for Regular Maintenance

Maintenance and repairs for fans is considerably easier and cheaper than they are for air conditioners. Air conditioners require regular services, gas refills and parts replacements in order to continue working effectively and economically, whereas fans tend to stand the test of time even when used frequently. This means that the overall costs of keeping a fan are far less than that of an air conditioner, and they will continue to serve you well with absolute minimal maintenance.

Maintaining Indoor Air Quality

Turning on an extractor fan and opening a few windows will encourage better air flow in your living spaces, which will contribute to purer air quality. Air conditioners, on the other hand, are best operated in sealed environments where the air is recycled. In indoor spaces that are frequented by lots of people, this recycled air will contain plenty of contaminants and allergens which may lead to health problems.

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