The Benefits of Using Fans over AC Units

Air conditioning units are a popular choice for cooling solutions at homes and in workplaces. This is because they are an incredibly effective choice. However, as well as they work, their overall benefits are dubious in the face of those offered by the far simpler fan. They run at more of a cost, require regular maintenance and even pose certain health risks. But don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself. Keep reading below to see the numerous ways that the humble fan is better than any air conditioning unit.

Fewer Investment and Running Costs

The first benefit to opting for a fan over an AC is an obvious one, it comes at far less of a cost. The initial investment is often a fraction of that required for an air conditioning or HVAC system, which makes it a far more cost effective solution from the offset. Additionally, fans require far less power than ACs do when running, which means that your electricity costs when using them will be kept lower than with air con units. This is particularly helpful in industrial setups where air cooling solutions tend to require a lot of power, and can therefore save your business a lot of money in the long run.

Less of a Need for Maintenance

While the discussion of costs is on the table, let’s talk about the price of maintaining air conditioners. It needs to happen frequently or they will fail, become ineffective or start consuming too much power. Fans on the other hand, require comparatively little maintenance, which means that less money will need to be doled out to keep them running.

Fans are Better for Your Health

Air conditioning units may filter out contaminants in the air to the best of their ability, but they are also responsible for continuously circulating and recycling them. Pathogens, mould and allergens  are rife wherever contained environments are concerned, whereas fans are better at facilitating clean airflow since they are still effective when windows and doors are opened. This means that they are better for your health, and the health of those who share your environment.

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