The Benefits of Using Evaporative Coolers this Summer

Temperatures in Johannesburg this summer have been reaching uncomfortable highs, leaving homeowners all over the city desperate for a means to make their indoor living spaces more comfortable. With such an array of cooling solutions available out there it can be difficult choosing the correct one, especially where price, functionality, durability and running costs come into the picture. If you are struggling to make a decision then we have one question for you: Have you considered the many benefits that you could get from investing in evaporative cooler fans? If not, these ones are sure to convince you…

Maintaining Indoor Air Quality

Evaporative coolers work by circulating small amounts of outside air and bringing it indoors. This, unlike air conditioners, will ensure that the air in your living areas is always fresh as well as cooled. Because of this, there will be far less contaminants in your indoor air when compared to other cooling methods, which means that your family, pets and visitors will be better protected from irritants in the air which could lead to respiratory problems or allergic reactions.

Increasing Air Flow

For rooms that generally see a lot of foot-traffic, many types of cooling systems can contribute to poor air quality by not correctly cycling out stale air. Evaporative Cooling systems on the other hand maintain a constant cycle of fresh air, which will combat odours and the presence of contaminants or harmful bacteria.

Keeping your Running Costs Lowered

Since these types of cooling systems are generally more effective, and also use different methods of cooling to other solutions, they often perform far more efficiently too. This means that they will require far less energy and will also need to be maintained less frequently than other solutions; with the overall result of being cheaper and more effective in the long run.

Protecting the Environment

Unlike many different commercial fans and HVAC units on the market, evaporative fans have a comparatively small carbon footprint. This is because it uses a natural process for cooling by which air travels through water before entering your living areas. This clears it of contaminants and cools it down without using harmful chemicals typically associated with refrigeration cooling and air conditioners.

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