Common questions about an extractor fans and how they work?

How do these extractor fans work?

  • Fans used for ventilation and airing out rooms work by one of two kinds of methods. The most traditional is the axial or propeller fan, comparable to those used on stands for ventilation in a room or used in computers for cooling the system and power supplies. They are able to move large volumes of air at very low pressures. Another type is a centrifugal fan unit, and these work in the same way as a centrifugal water pump. They have a plate with radial vanes and the air is forced out by the centrifugal with loads of force.

Materials used to make the Ducts?

  • The customary materials for ducting are either a steel spiral sheet metal rigid pipe or a flexible PVC or aluminium foil tube braced by spiral steel wire. The final parts are the easiest to install and is way more affordable, however it is quite restricted to airflow. The steel pipe requires special equipment to be installed properly and securely, which most home or building owners do not have. The most common mistake is to pick ducting which isn’t the correct size for the fan capacity, and this inevitably increases the noise of the system through the higher air velocity and also increases the friction in the system speeding up wear and tear, which makes the fans work harder and could lower the expected life span.

Should I use Fans or Air-conditioners for my Server Room?

  • We have had many clients enquire about how to cool a server room using extractor fans. The answer is obvious, massive airflow and when calculated correctly, an extractor and input fan system can cool a server room for much less cash per year than using air-conditioning system and move some needed warm air to other rooms needing heating or even better, a heat recovery unit. This saves money and CO2 emissions yet again and provides to a greener future by using as energy efficient a system. A greener today, is a better tomorrow!

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