Ceiling Fans vs Air Conditioning Systems

The ancient debate dividing families and causing brawls. In case you were wondering, no we are not talking about the TV remote, but ceiling fans versus air conditioners. Penny pinching homeowners consider the question every summer. Is the extra price of air conditioning worth the comfort, or are ceiling fans acceptable?

Unfortunately, there is no general approach to this. On the other hand, research should be able to guide you in the right direction to decide which choice is for your family and budget. Perhaps you may even strike a winning balance between both ceiling fans and air conditioners.

Ceiling fans vs Air conditioners: Which is better?

Before driving down to the appliance store, it is important to consider the advantages that each cooling method brings to the table.

Air Conditioners

From the ancient window rattler kind, to a portable one, to a duct unit, modern air conditioners have been around for almost 100 years. Once an air conditioner is installed, it is a wonderful way to keep cool while drinking a beer watching the rugby. During a heatwave, you will possibly notice solitary-like behaviour on your behalf, exiting your chilled room only for a snack or toilet breaks.

Cost of Air Conditioning

The main disadvantage with air conditioning is the cost. The cost of the installation, unit price and power usage. As the system runs, you are charged. Installation by technicians, maintenance costs and the price of the unit adds up here as well.

Ceiling Fans

The humble ceiling fans – where would we all be without them? Probably sweating profusely. Ceiling fans are a necessity in many homes, and for a great reason. Their fuss-free operation that beats warm air up and cool air down is beloved in summer.

Cost of Ceiling Fans

On the bright side, the main advantage of fans is their extremely low cost to run. This allows you to run them for longer and at a less cost than using an air conditioner. A fan may cost up to 20 times less to operate to run than an air conditioner.

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