Air Conditioners vs. Evaporative Coolers

Although evaporative coolers are one of the oldest forms of climate control, they remain a highly favoured alternative to traditional air conditioning systems. While they are extremely efficient when used correctly, these cooling units are not to be used everywhere. Because of the evaporative process used, these units are best in dry and hot temperatures.

There are several benefits of evaporative coolers, but to understand them, you will have to compare traditional air conditioners to evaporative coolers. Below we will cover some comparisons of the greatest benefits of evaporative cooling systems.

Air Quality

Because the cooling process used by evaporative coolers, these systems work best by circulating the air outside throughout your office or home. This ensures your air is fresh and does not become dry. In addition, this means that you are able to operate your evaporative cooler with your doors and windows open.

On the other hand, air conditioning systems work best in enclosed areas. Therefore, these systems are forced to circulate the same air within the area in an effort to keep the room cold.

Operational Costs

Evaporative cooling systems are extremely economical cooling devices, as they will operate for far less money than air conditioners. These units are affordable in operating and maintaining than a traditional air conditioning system.

Air conditioners, however, require regular maintenance and cleaning of filters to ensure the system operates at maximum efficiency. Evaporative coolers use less energy while operating compared to typical air conditioning units.

Environmental Concerns

While most traditional air conditioners emit a specific level of carbon dioxide, evaporative cooling systems emit a far lower level of CO2. These units also use less energy, which does not only keep costs at a minimum, but is great for the environment.
If you are anxious about noise pollution, evaporative coolers are also a great choice. These systems operate much quieter than air conditioners, which makes them perfect for cooling a bedroom, office or any other room where noise levels should be at a minimum.

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