What are the advantages of evaporative coolers?

What are the advantages of evaporative coolers?

  • Cost-effective maintenance and installations – The ease of an evaporative cooler when compared to an air conditioner also results to a cheaper installation and maintenance cost. Evaporative coolers do not have compressors and the operation surrounds a fan and a water pump.
  • Better suited for dry climates – Keep in mind that an evaporative cooler reduces air temperatures past humidification or by increasing the moisture levels in the air. Therefore, an evaporative cooler works great in areas with a desert climate.

What are common uses for centrifugal fans?

In the HVAC industry, centrifugal fans are widespread. You are most likely to find them inside building ventilation systems. On the other hand, they are also often used for industrial operations to transport materials.

Centrifugal blowers can be found on cooling and drying systems, with air conveyor systems, as well as in use for fluid bed aerators. Some other uses for centrifugal fans are filter flushing, sewage aeration and gas boosting.

Some other places where you will most probably find centrifugal fans in use is inside furnaces, air conditioning units, hair dryers and in some vehicle engines. Centrifugal fans operate better than axial fans when working against a high pressure drop.

Why is office ventilation important?

Are you aware that air pollution is not only limited to busy streets outdoors but is also becoming an increasing issue inside offices and homes?

It is important to ensure that there is a suitable amount of ventilation in the office, as this will assist in effectively removing harmful pollutants. Decreasing the amount of air pollution inside the office will assist in improving the productivity, health and concentration levels of all working inside the office.